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What exactly are lateral flow tests?

A lateral flow test is a rapid test that uses a paper-based platform to detect what is being analyzed in a sample. A common example is a pregnancy test, detecting the hormone HcG. A variety of sample types can be tested, such as blood or urine. In this case, the lateral flow test is testing the sample collected on a nose and throat swab. During the test, the extracted sample is applied to the test cartridge. If Covid-19 is present, it will bind to the SARS-CoV-2 monoclonal antibody, causing the color of the test strip to change.

There are several major benefits to the quick COVID-19 test using the side flow test:

The COVID-19 rapid antigen tests can be read in 15 minutes.

They do not need to be sent to a laboratory.

The tests are easy to use.

Are the tests accurate?

Our chosen test showed 100% agreement with the CRP test within 7 days from the onset of symptoms and 96% after 8 days. The overall agreement is 98.61%

What do specificity and sensitivity mean?

A highly sensitive test means that there are few false negative results. This is great news, as fewer cases of disease are lost. A highly specific test means that there are few false positive results.

Are there other types of quick tests for COVID-19?

We also offer a quick COVID-19 test that runs on our own analyzer, providing results in 15 minutes.

What are these tests useful for?

The COVID-19 rapid test is currently recommended for work and mass testing purposes and will increasingly be used for travel purposes. So, for example, in an office environment where a person tests positive for COVID-19 or becomes symptomatic, this test can be performed on all team members who have had contact to support the decision to resume work normally. Since more than 70% of people who carry COVID-19 are symptom free, this is a useful test for regular checkups in offices, construction sites, schools and universities to help keep everyone safe. It is also useful for production companies and the film industry.

Since the rapid COVID test is less sensitive than the PCR test, it should not be used if you need to be as sure as possible that you do not have COVID-19 - for example, if you are visiting someone who is vulnerable. In that case, you should opt for a PCR test, the results of which we can provide in a day or two. The PCR test remains the gold standard for the COVID-19 test.

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The new rapid test technology for a COVID-19 infection, known as lateral flow tests that provide a result in 15 minutes, has now undergone substantial clinical evaluation by Public Health England (PHE) and Oxford University. The results of this evaluation show that these tests have good levels of accuracy and sensitivity, which has been shown to be effective in testing asymptomatic and symptomatic individuals.

If permission is given, this may be the necessary tool to significantly reduce the spread of the virus. We are providing this test to individuals, schools, universities and companies and have written this guide to help you understand more about this quick COVID19 test.

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